August 8, 2012


The speed of the re-construction is remarkable.  It seems that every time I walk into or out of the building, a new phase has been completed.

By Friday, the roof was covered:

Shingling was done at a rapid pace -

And by the end of the day yesterday, the new windows were in too!

From the outside, it is starting to look good as new.  Now that we are under-roof, the weather won't be a factor in the schedule. 

The inside of the treatment side has been gutted and the plans for the redesign should be finished this week.  All of the interior walls in the treatment area have been removed and we are planning a more open flow to the space. 

Fortunately, everything is up and running on the office side and all administrative functions are going on as usual.  Last week, while the roof was being installed, Dr. Damalouji graciously welcomed me into his office so that I was able to see patients on schedule.  I am very grateful for his hospitality.  Fortunately, I was back in my usual space this week and things seem to be returning to normal.

The flexibility and adaptability that I am seeing - both in the patients and in the staff - continues to amaze me.  This has certainly been a disruption to the routine, but you are all rising to the occasion.  One of the biggest challenges is the separation of the shifts and not being able to catch up with one another.  Do not despair - preparations are underway for the Annual Picnic - the date and location are being finalized - so stay tuned...