August 16, 2012


It is hard to believe that it has already been 4 weeks since the fire.  The new routine feels almost normal.  However, the disruption continues to pose challenges as our daily lives are altered and we continue to rely on our support systems for help.  As the novelty wears off, we grow more impatient for the return to our usual routine and our usual location.

So, today it is fitting to review the things about July 19 for which we are most grateful - Feel free to add to your own list.

  • No one was injured
  • No one was injured
  • No one was injured
  • All treatments were finished for the day when the fire started
  • People passing by, who stopped, turned around and made sure we got out of the building safely
  • The Fire Department was able to save half of the building
  • The Calvert community rallied to our support - The Hospital, RCP, AAA transport - just to name a few
  • We had a central office in Baltimore, under the outstanding leadership of Joan Rogers, RN, which immediately sprung into action with a well constructed Disaster Plan.
  • A dedicated IDF staff in Calvert - who, although they had left for the day, appeared instantly at the scene to offer help - which was indispensable as we started to contact all of the patients and arrange for treatment the next day - a task that went well into the evening
  • A dedicated IDF staff in Baltimore who dropped what they were doing to attend to our needs - which for some meant scanning and faxing treatment records to us until midnight and for others meant loading a truck with extra machines, chairs and supplies so that treatments could start at 6 AM the next day
  • Mr Hammett, who was on the scene immediately and began to orchestrate the clean-up
  • Hospitable neighbors at Sander's Insurance and Frank's Insurance who opened up their offices to us for anything we needed - from fax machines to water to bathrooms.
  • Our electronic medical record, which allowed us to access important information immediately
  • Recently updated Emergency Contact information which allowed us to reach every patient that day
  • The many family members and community members who called to offer to help in whatever way they could

The rebuild continues at the center - as you can see we are starting with a fresh slate: