July 25, 2012

Fire Extinguished

It has been a week since the fire at the Calvert Center.  While it was a shocking and disruptive event, we have gotten through it together.  Dialysis units are made up of people, not buildings -- A monumental effort has allowed us to be up and running, without missing a treatment.

We are grateful for the flexibility of all the patients and the staff and for the immediate support we have received from the Calvert Community - from Calvert Memorial Hospital, RCP, and other local businesses.

To recap the last week:
  • After all of the dialysis patients had left for the day, a devastating fire broke out at approximately 2 PM on Thursday, July 19.  All staff were able to evacuate without injury.  Within minutes, the fire trucks arrived and our local firefighters were able to contain the fire and preserve half of the building.
  • Through the diligent work of our staff in Prince Frederick and Baltimore, dialysis treatments started on schedule the following morning, at 6 AM, at Calvert Memorial Hospital (CMH).  Every patient due for dialysis on Friday received treatment, either at the hospital or at RCP.  Since that day, arrangements have been made to allow all patients to receive full treatments here in Prince Frederick without interruption.
  • Similarly, we have wasted no time in starting to rebuild the facility.  Within 24 hours, clean-up crews arrived, electricity was re-established and limited administrative functions were taking place on site.  Construction crews have been busy preparing to rebuild.

We are taking all steps to get treatments back to a new and improved Calvert Center as quickly as we can. Stay tuned  here for regular updates on our progress.

We appreciate your patience and support.